Additional Presentations

  • Detail of Three Case Studies (Powerpoint presentation / 837kb)
    1. Natural convection in a warehouse
    2. Natural convection in a nuclear reactor
    3. Transient simulation in a vapour turbine
  • Overview of Twenty Case Studies (Powerpoint presentation / 21.4mb)
    1. Convection with rotational motion
    2. Rotating paddles in a tank
    3. Sliding grid case
    4. Mixing flow in a chamber
    5. Air plane
    6. Flat frame burner
    7. Metal melting furnace
    8. Mixing chamber
    9. Oil droplet in a pipe
    10. Natural convection in a crucible furnace
    11. Fire an a tunnel
    12. Boil over burning pool
    13. Open channel flow
    14. Engine oil flow
    15. Non-Newtonian plastic flow
    16. Exchanging water in a swimming pool
    17. Radiation benchmark of heat to plastic
    18. Pressure drop of gas flow
    19. Droplet break at fuel port
    20. Hydroxylation of nickel chloride


CHAM exhibited at the WRc Innovation Day on April 27 and enjoyed speaking with attendees. If you would like information on our water-related capabilities please contact us.