Additional Presentations

  • Detail of Three Case Studies (Powerpoint presentation / 837kb)
    1. Natural convection in a warehouse
    2. Natural convection in a nuclear reactor
    3. Transient simulation in a vapour turbine
  • Overview of Twenty Case Studies (Powerpoint presentation / 21.4mb)
    1. Convection with rotational motion
    2. Rotating paddles in a tank
    3. Sliding grid case
    4. Mixing flow in a chamber
    5. Air plane
    6. Flat frame burner
    7. Metal melting furnace
    8. Mixing chamber
    9. Oil droplet in a pipe
    10. Natural convection in a crucible furnace
    11. Fire an a tunnel
    12. Boil over burning pool
    13. Open channel flow
    14. Engine oil flow
    15. Non-Newtonian plastic flow
    16. Exchanging water in a swimming pool
    17. Radiation benchmark of heat to plastic
    18. Pressure drop of gas flow
    19. Droplet break at fuel port
    20. Hydroxylation of nickel chloride