PHOENICS Fire-related Case Studies and Demonstration Examples


FLAIR is a special-purpose version of PHOENICS, designed to provide an air-flow and thermal-simulation facility for the HVAC community, and for those concerned with fire, smoke and pollutant hazards, for both internal and external flow scenarios.

FLAIR predicts air-flow patterns, temperature distributions and smoke movement in buildings and other enclosed spaces. FLAIR can be used during the design process to detect and avoid uncomfortable air speeds or temperatures.

In addition it can predict effects of smoke movement, or any other gaseous pollutant, helping to achieve safe design of buildings, underground systems, aircraft or train cabins etc. FLAIR can also be used by various regulatory bodies and safety consultants.

The following provide links to a variety of supportive material:

  1. The role of PHOENICS/FLAIR CFD software for improving the capabilities of Fire Brigades in the analysis and prognosis of fire and chemical release hazards, CHAM, UK (PDF document / 392kb)
    Further images from FLAIR case studies (PDF document / 812kb)
  2. PHOENICS/FLAIR Product Description, CHAM, UK (PDF document / 834kb)
  3. CHAM Case Study – Airport Fire Test Example (PDF document / 643kb)
  4. PHOENICS/FLAIR-3.6.1 presentation [PHOENICS User Meeting, Eindhoven, May 2005], CHAM, UK (Powerpoint presentation / 1.41mb)
  5. Fire & Smoke Simulation in a Multi-Storey Underground Car Park (PDF document / 154kb)
  6. Fire in an Underground Railway Station (PDF document / 305kb)
  7. Fire in an Underground Car Park – RUCON, The Netherlands
  8. Wembley Stadium fire study (PDF document / 118kb)
  9. CFD Applications of PHOENICS on Building Environment and Fire Safety Design, Ove Arup, Australia (Powerpoint presentation / 1.70mb)
  10. PHOENICS in Safety Analysis of Offshore and Underground Constructions – FlowConsult, Norway (Powerpoint presentation / 3.66mb)
  11. Validation of PHOENICS-3.5 for modelling Tunnel Ventilation Systems under Fire Conditions, Stephen Grubits & Assoc, Australia (PDF document / 223kb)
  12. Car Park Fire CHAM, UK(PDF document / 535kb)
  13. Fire in a Room: PHOENICS- 3.5 Demonstration Study, NIST, USA
  14. Underground Garage: Ventilation and Fire Study, Van Hooft, The Netherlands
  15. Multi-storey Car Park: Fire Study, Van Hooft, The Netherlands
  16. Madrid Xanadu Shopping Mall: Fire Study, CHAM, UK
  17. Memorial Tunnel Fire Ventilation System, ENEA, Italy
  18. Fire in a Building: PHOENICS-3.1 Demonstration Case, CHAM, UK
  19. Train Fire in a Tunnel: Effect of Tunnel Ventilation, Flowsolve, UK
  20. A Fire Safety Study: Rome Metro, Flowsolve, UK
  21. Evaluation of PHOENICS Fire Model against Room Corner Fire Experiments, CSIRO, Australia (PDF document / 224kb)
  22. Fire Safety in Annecy Town Hall Car Park, ARCOFLUID, France
  23. Modelling of Car Park Fires, Novenco, The Netherlands (Powerpoint presentation / 1.14mb)
    Animation(Powerpoint presentation / 1.49mb)
  24. CHAM Case Study: Sprinkler Fire Suppression Study (PDF document / 177kb)
  25. Smoke Movement in a Tunnel: Library Case, CHAM, UK
  26. Thermal Radiation in a Compartment Fire: PHOENICS-3.3 Demonstration Case, CHAM, UK
  27. Fire in a Wind-exposed Building: PHOENICS-3.3 Demonstration Case, CHAM, UK
  28. PHOENICS/FLAIR Tutorials, CHAM, UK

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ACADS-BSG, CHAM's Agent in Australia, will be exhibiting PHOENICS/FLAIR at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, May 20-22 on Stand 17, at ARBS 2014. They will be demonstrating examples of car-park fires and applications relevant to the HVAC industry. Click here for further information.


Shanghai Feiyi has arranged a user meeting on May 20,21 2014 in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province where the Beta-release version of PHOENICS-2014 will be demonstrated. Click here for further information.