PHOENICS Building-related Case Studies & Demonstration Examples

FLAIR - HVAC & Internal & External Flows

FLAIR is a special-purpose version of PHOENICS, designed to provide an air-flow and thermal-simulation facility for the HVAC community, and for those concerned with fire, smoke and pollutant hazards, for both internal and external flow scenarios.

FLAIR predicts air-flow patterns, temperature distributions and smoke movement in buildings and other enclosed spaces. FLAIR can be used during the design process to detect and avoid uncomfortable air speeds or temperatures.

In addition it can predict effects of smoke movement, or any other gaseous pollutant, helping to achieve safe design of buildings, underground systems, aircraft or train cabins etc. FLAIR can also be used by various regulatory bodies and safety consultants.

The following provide links to a variety of supportive material:

  1. PHOENICS/FLAIR Product Description, CHAM, UK (PDF document / 834kb)
  2. CFD Simulation of a Natural Ventilation System (PDF document / 525kb)
  3. CHAM Case Study – Aviary Ventilation (PDF document / 642kb)
  4. CHAM Case Study - Wine Cellar Ventilation (PDF document / 543kb)
  5. CHAM Case Study - Data Centre Simulation (PDF document / 565kb)
    Simple Data centre video presentation (WMV video / 9.5mb)
  6. CHAM Case Study - Flow Around Buildings, Jubeirah Beach complex (PDF document / 357kb)
  7. CHAM Case Study - Flow Around Buildings, Music House Site (PDF document / 431kb)
  8. CHAM Case Study - Natatorium Ventilation, Swimming Pool complex (PDF document / 290kb)
  9. CHAM Case Study - Natural Convection in a Nuclear Waste Storage Warehouse (PDF document / 383kb)
  10. PHOENICS validation for German Industry Standard DIN-1005-4, Zimmermann-Becker GbmH (Powerpoint presentation / 2.79mb)
    English translation (Powerpoint presentation / 2.58mb)
  11. CHAM Case Study - Urban Wind Flows - AVA study (PDF document / 2.38mb)
  12. CHAM Case Study - Urban Wind Flows – Building geometry created using AC3D (PDF document / 265kb)
  13. PHOENICS/FLAIR-3.6.1 presentation [PHOENICS User Meeting Eindhoven, May 2005], CHAM, UK (Powerpoint presentation / 1.41mb)
  14. New ways of Modelling with Phoenics, M&W-Zander, Germany (PDF document / 7.65mb)
  15. Ventilation of an Opera House, ShenZhen Architecture Research Institute, China (PDF document / 195kb)
  16. Internal flow within a multi-storey building, CHAM, UK (PDF document / 332kb)
  17. Applying CFD to Environmental Flows, Connell Wagner, Australia (Word document / 2.33mb)
  18. Methodology for the Evaluation of Natural Ventilation in Buildings Using a Reduced-Scale Air Model, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (PDF document / 2..20mb)
  19. Advances in combined Building Thermal Simulation and Prediction of Air-Flows with PHOENICS, Peutz, The Netherlands (Powerpoint presentation / 11.6mb)
  20. Development of End-User Computing System for the design of HVAC, Tokyo Gas, Japan (Powerpoint presentation / 667kb)
  21. Ventilation System design for a Roadway Tunnel in Acapulco, Mexico, Vortex de Mexico, Mexico (Powerpoint presentation / 9.12mb)
  22. Modelling the performance of WECS installed into Residential Towers, American University of Cairo, Egypt (Powerpoint presentation / 476kb)
  23. CFD Simulation of Turbulent Flows and Pollutant Dispersion around Groups of Buildings, VIPAC, Australia (Powerpoint presentation / 2.89mb)
  24. The Risk Assessment of an Ammonia Intoxication caused by the Wreck of a Plant in Town Conditions, Moscow State Institute of Steel & Alloys, Russia
  25. Demonstration Case: Ventilation of a Bus Terminal Interchange, CHAM, UK
  26. Wind effects around a Bus Canopy, Flowsolve, UK
  27. Passive-slab Pre-cooling of a new School Building, Flowsolve, UK
  28. Ventilation in an Office using Chilled Beams, Flowsolve, UK
  29. Numerical Prediction of Dispersion Characteristics of Air Pollutants in Idealised Urban Street Canyons, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK (Powerpoint presentation / 5.96mb)
  30. Assessing Urban Air Quality using Microscale CFD Modelling, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK (Word document / 1.36mb)
  31. Lecture Theatre: Demonstration Case, CHAM, UK
  32. Hackney Central Hall: Ventilation Studies, CHAM, UK
  33. Ventilation of a Reactor Housing: Demonstration Case, CHAM, UK
  34. Using CFD for Sports Arena and Stadia Design, Connell Wagner, Australia (Powerpoint presentation / 11.7mb)
  35. Predicting Air Flow and Heat Transfer in an Anechoic Test Chamber for Industrial Chillers, Flowsolve, UK (Powerpoint presentation / 1.49mb)
  36. Ventilation in a Gas Turbine Plant: A Hazard Analysis Study, Flowsolve, UK
  37. Prediction the dispersion consequences of Gaseous Releases from a University Research Facility in an Urban environment, Flowsolve/Scott Wilson, UK (Powerpoint presentation / 1.17mb)
  38. Modelling Discharges from Rooftop Stacks in Confined Environments, Flowsolve, UK(powerpoint presentation / 745kb)
  39. Wind-Turbine Wakes on a Complex Planted Terrain, CHAM-MEI, Russia
  40. Air Flow Analysis in Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, Flowsolve, UK (Powerpoint presentation / 0.98mb)
  41. FLAIR example: HVAC in an Airport Building, CHAM, UK
  42. FLAIR Library Case: Cleansing Station, CHAM, UK
  43. FLAIR Library Case: Comfort in a Supermarket, CHAM, UK
  44. PHOENICS Demonstration Example: Flow in a Curved Air-Conditioning Duct, CHAM, UK
  45. Room Validation Case (Powerpoint presentation / 563kb)
  46. FLAIR HVAC Presentation (Powerpoint presentation / 1mb)

See also: Built environment fire related case studies and demonstration examples

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Professor Brian Spalding received a degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa from Imperial College at the beginning of May. Brian has been associated with IC from 1954 when he was invited to join from Cambridge. He started as Reader in Applied Heat, in 1958 was appointed to the Chair of Heat Transfer and, subsequently was also Head of the Computational Fluid Dynamics Unit. He remained Professor of Heat Transfer and Head of CFD until his retirement in 1988. The doctorate was awarded for services to science and to CFD of which he is a founding father.



ACADS-BSG, CHAM's Agent in Australia, will be exhibiting PHOENICS/FLAIR at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, May 20-22 on Stand 17, at ARBS 2014. They will be demonstrating examples of car-park fires and applications relevant to the HVAC industry. Click here for further information.


Shanghai Feiyi has arranged a user meeting on May 20,21 2014 in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province where the Beta-release version of PHOENICS-2014 will be demonstrated. Click here for further information.