TEXT(decay of temp. profile in metal slab
  In-Form is used to set an initial sinusoidal temperature
  in an insulated slab of aluminium.
  The temperature distribution flattens with time, retaining
  however its sinusoidal shape, as is made evident by the
  line-printer plots elicited by PATCH(PLOT,PROFIL,,,,,
  Setting IDISPA=20 causes a parphi file to be created, with
  20 time intervals, enabling the temperature variation to be
  viewed via PHOTON.
  500 1 1 
  msg temperature contours; vertical direction is slab thickness
  msg horizontal direction is time
  msg type e to end WinPHOTON session                                                                              
  con tem1 y 1 fi;0.001                                                           
STEADY=F                 ! transient case
GRDPWR(T,100,1000.0,1.0) ! 1000 seconds divided into 100 steps
GRDPWR(X,10,1.0,1.0)     ! 1 m thick, divided into 10 intervals
SOLVE(TEM1)              ! solve for temperature
STORE(PRPS)              ! use PRPS to indicate material
FIINIT(PRPS)= 100.       ! set material value 100 (aluminium)
       ! sinusoidal temperature distribution set by In-Form
(initial of TEM1 is SIN(XG*3.14159)) 
NTPRIN=10                ! print at every 10th time step
NXPRIN=1                 ! print at each cell location
LSWEEP=5                 ! few sweeps are needed for accuracy
PATCH(PLOT,PROFIL,1,NX,1,1,1,1,1,LSTEP) ! use line-printer plot
COVAL(PLOT,TEM1,0,0)     ! for easy display of profile shape
IDISPA=20                ! dump to parphi every 20th step for
                         !         display via PHOTON