Work performed by Emannuelle Lopez at CHAM, Spring 1998.

PHOENICS 3.1 was used to model the fire in a building.

The boiler at the ground floor is the source of fire. The garage door is open, as well as two windows at the top floor of the building.

The fire is modelled in the PHOENICS-VR (Samson) environment as a source of mass, heat and pollutant (smoke).

The turbulence model used is K-Epsilon.

Figures displaying the geometry:

Outside view of the building
Location of the boiler
Outlines of the building geometry
Inside view of the building

Figures displaying velocity vectors and streamlines:

Velocity vectors in a vertical cross section
Stream line across the building from the boiler to the exit
Stream line showing the recirculation at the fourth floor
A few other stream lines
Stream lines displayed as ribbons

Figures displaying smoke contours:

Smoke distribution in a vertical cross section located near the boiler
Smoke distribution in a vertical cross section located far from the boiler

Figures displaying isosurfaces of temperature and pollutant, presented by way of S-PHOTON:

Isosurface of temperature with pressure contours
Isosurface of temperature with pollutant contours