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TITLE : Convection in a semi-rectangular chamber

BY : Dr S V Zhubrin, CHAM Ltd

DATE : November, 2000

FOR : Demonstration case for V3.3.1


The natural convection around two differently heated tubes placed in an adiabatic rectangular chamber with circular roof is solved here by PARSOL.

The case is aimed to demonstrate the PARSOL'cut-cell' technique for representing curvilinear shapes in a Cartesian grid.


The demonstration case considers the natural convection arising in a 2D adiabatic rectangular enclosure. It is covered by the roof of cylindrical shape. Two cylindrical tubes are placed at the bottom part of the chamber. The have different temperatures provoking the gravity-induced circulation in the surrounding air.

In this case, which is actually a model of the water-supply unit, the temperature distribution and accompanying air flow velocities have to be calculated.


Conservation equations

The independent variables of the problem are the three components of cartesian coordinate system, namely X, Y and Z.

The main dependent (solved for) variables are:

Buoyancy model

The Boussinesq approximation is ised to incorporate the temperature dependence of the density.


The plots show the distribution of the temperature, velocities and pressure within the chamber.

Pictures are as follows :


All model settings have been made in VR-Editor of PHOENICS 3.3.1

The relevant Q1 file can be inspectedby clicking here.