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PARSOL applied with fine-grid-embedding

Work by VA Semin, of CHAM's development team, in November 1997.

The PHOENICS version is 3.1

The following pictures represent aspects of the simulation of turbulent flow around an idealised automobile.

The first picture shows the automobile in the VR viewer, and shows the corners of the successive-grid-refinement regions.

the automobile in the VR viewer

The next picture shows the three successively-finer-grid regions from the side;

the grids from the side

and the next picture shows the grids from behind.

the grids from behind

Finally, the pressure field, which agrees well with such measurements as have been published for this vehicle.

[Note: The jagged appearance of the vehicle outline is a deficiency of the graphics package which was then in use. The flow calculations were based on a properly streamlined shape.]

the pressure field

and some corresponding velocity vectors.

velocity vectors

It should be observed that the pressure field exhibits no significant discontinuities at the boundaries between grids of varying finenesses.

The pressure field seen in the 1998 viewer

Some corresponding velocity vectors.

velocity vectors

Another view of the velocity vectors