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Chapter 3: Fluid-structure interactions

Section 3.1: Forces on solids

The forces on all facetted bodies are calculated if CALFOR=T is found in the Q1. This setting can also be made from the Output panel of the VR-Editor Main Menu. The default setting is F (or Off).

The values printed to the RESULT file are:

Facetted objects are those which do not use cuboid geometry files. By default, the geometry files for BLOCKAGE and PLATE objects are cuboids, so the force calculation will be skipped. To enforce the calculation of forces for a rectangular object, use the geometry file BOX.DAT located in the SHAPES folder.

An alternative to this is the use of the DRAG_LIFT object. A force balance is performed over the six faces of the volume described by the object. The output from the DRAG_LIFT object, which is similar in nature to that described above, is also written to the RESULT file.

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