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CORA3 is a finite-difference computer program for predicting fluid flow, heat-transfer and combustion in three-dimensional combustion equipment. Examples are: gas, liquid, solid fuel fired funaces, gas-turbine combustors, chemical reactors, mixers, rocket motors, etc. CORA3 can handle both steady and unsteady three-dimensional flows.

CORA3, in its basic form, solves three momentum equations:-

CORA3 therefore predicts the three-dimensional fields of:-

If any of these variables are not significant, for example if radiation is to be ignored, the relevant equations are easily eradicated.

The space co-ordinates of CORA3 are either Cartesian (x,y and z), or else cylindrical (x, r and q). CORA3 uses a fixed-grid system, evaluating variables at locations of fixed x, y and z (or x, r and q). These locations are arranged on a rectangular or cylindrical grid, the spacing of which may be non-uniform.

The boundaries of the domain of integration can be arbitrary; this means that they need not conform to a rectangular or cylindrical shape, but may exhibit inclinations, curves, etc.

Input Requirements

The user of CORA3 specifies the following:-

Output Requirements

CORA3 is provided with several modes of expressing output:-