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(b) Treatment inside EARTH

In accordance with point (1), a boundary condition affecting the enthalpy of the material in one of the cells in a grid will be expressed as an additional thermal-energy source in the cell; and there may be many sources for a single cell, each representing a different physical effect or boundary condition. Thus, if there are several contributors to the source, the total contribution is given by,

Here C1 and V1 might represent a 'true' source, such as heat generation by internal friction; then C2 and V2 might represent interactions between the cell and a region outside the integration domain beyond one of the cell walls; and C3 and V3 might represent the interaction across another wall; and so on.

Addition of the foregoing source to the numerator of the right-hand side of equation (2.4-6), followed by re-arrangement, leads to the following equation for jP: