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(f) Improved specification of boundary conditions in general menu

In Cartesian and cylindrical-polar coordinates, the location of boundary features (inlets, outlets, blockages, etc) can now be linked to named 'objects' defined during the grid-generation procedure. This obviates the need to enter the coordinates twice: once when defining the grid, and again when specifying boundary conditions, as was the case in previous versions.

If an 'object' is subsequently repositioned or re-sized, then the boundary condition is also changed automatically. If an object is deleted, any associated boundary-conditions will also be deleted without further instructions from the user. If a new 'object' is created by copying an existing one, the boundary conditions are not automatically copied, but a new boundary condition may be linked to the new object. Similarly, heat sources can be attached to existing 'block-' or 'plate-type' boundary conditions, without re-entering their location.