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(i) Block-location Indices (LB's); Other variables

The second common block within GRDLOC is:


When 50 FFV's are permitted by the dimension statements, so that 4*NPHI equals 200, the integers in this block are numbered: 201, 202, ...., 400. Thus LYR, which is the block-location index of the radius variable and is the 8th item in the list, is equal to 208; and the corresponding zero-location index in the F-array is L0F(208) or L0F(LYR).

The integer names appearing there are such as to permit the corresponding variables to be classified. Thus:

It will be noted that many of the indices in COMMON/LB/ are EQUIVALENCEd to variables having easily interpreted significances. Thus, VOL and LVOL are equivalent; and a careful count of the placing of LVOL in the block will reveal that they must both have the numerical value: 4*NPHI+145= 345, when NPHI is at its default of 50.

Further, the whole block is equivalenced to the LBI array. Therefore, LVOL, for example, can be referred to as LBI(LVOL).