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5. Printout of friction and heat-transfer coefficients

The user, by setting WALPRN=T or YPLS=T in the Q1 file, may elicit patchwise printout of the following quantities in the RESULT file:

(a) the wall shear stress divided by the local density, TAUW/RHO under the heading TAU/RHO; (b) the local skin-friction coefficient s (see equation (5) above) under the heading SK.FR.CO; (c) the near-wall value of Y+; and (d) the local Stanton number (see equation (10) above) under the heading STANTON.

The foregoing quantities may also be written to the PHI and RESULT files when STORE(YPLS,STRS,SKIN,STAN) appears in the Q1 file. This facility, which is available only when WALPRN=T or YPLS=T, allows the user to view these quantities via PHOTON and AUTOPLOT.