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AC3D Modeller


# 1: Introduction

AC3D is a popular 3D object/scene modeller available for Linux, Windows 95/NT, and SGI. It is very easy to use but powerful too - anyone can create good looking 3d objects in minutes.

# 2: Examples

Some models built with AC3D (VRML files)

stadium (37kW) plane(15k)

Someone's desk... (37k) Car(13k) 

Webpages are available that show off some models that AC3D users have built - some of the models are downloadable.

# 3: Features


User Interface:

Modelling features:

File formats:


Purpose of AC3D for PHOENICS Users

General Rules for Creation of Faceted Objects

CHAM Plug-ins


The aeroplane example shown above was downloaded from the internet and loaded into AC3D:

phoe1.gif (47156 bytes)

A PHOENICS dat file was exported, and used as the geometry for an object:

phoe2.gif (19827 bytes)

Inlet and outlet boundary conditions were added, and the solution of velocities and pressure was turned on, together with the KECHEN turbulence model. The solution produced the following pictures:

phoe3.gif (45426 bytes)

Pressure on the centre-line and body surface.

phoe6.gif (41101 bytes)

Streamlines starting on circles upstream of the plane.

Closer study of the solution showed that the wings generate negative lift, because of the peculiar cross-section chosen by the anonymous creator.

phoe7.gif (52362 bytes)

Pressure on cross section of left wing