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  1. What is The PHOENICS Journal?
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What is The PHOENICS Journal?

The PHOENICS Journal is a technical periodical published quarterly by CHAM to promote the exchange of knowledge and skills among PHOENICS CFD users around the world. It was first published in 1988.

How The PHOENICS Journal can help you.

All papers published in The PHOENICS Journal are contributed by PHOENICS users; from industrial and academic users to members of CHAM's development team. The PHOENICS journal contains details of recent industrial applications of PHOENICS, results from academic research and new PHOENICS features.

PHOENICS Input Procedure makes it possible to publish, alongside mathematical models and presentation of results, the precise settings to enable the reader to reproduce the author's computations. Thus, Journal contributors are encouraged to include in their papers, Q1 data-input files and FORTRAN coding.

As with most technical journals, contributions to The PHOENICS Journal are subject to review by independent referees.

How to obtain The PHOENICS Journal.

The PHOENICS Journal is available by subscription. To subscribe, please contact:

Bakery House
40 High street,
Wimbledon Village,
London SW19 5AU
email: phoenics@cham.co.uk

Back issues are available on request.

Other publications.

The use of PHOENICS has been reported in approximately 1000 published papers since 1981, covering a wide range of subjects. The full list and copies of any of the papers may be obtained by contacting CHAM (Email: phoenics@cham.co.uk). A small administration charge is made for this service.

An electronic list of papers is also available here.