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GROUP 1. Run title and other preliminaries

GROUP 2. Transience; time-step specification

GROUP 3. X-direction grid specification

GROUP 4. Y-direction grid specification

GROUP 5. Z-direction grid specification

GROUP 6. Body-fitted coordinates or grid distortion

GROUP 7. Variables stored, solved & named

GROUP 8. Terms (in differential equations) & devices

GROUP 9. Properties of the medium (or media)

GROUP 10. Inter-phase-transfer processes and properties

GROUP 11. Initialization of variable or porosity fields

GROUP 12. Convection and diffusion adjustments

GROUP 13. Boundary conditions and special sources

GROUP 14. Downstream pressure for PARAB=.TRUE.

GROUP 15. Termination of sweeps

GROUP 16. Termination of iterations

GROUP 17. Under-relaxation devices

GROUP 18. Limits on variables or increments to them

GROUP 19. Data communicated by satellite to GROUND

GROUP 20. Preliminary print-out

GROUP 21. Print-out of variables

GROUP 22. Spot-value print-out

GROUP 23. Field print-out and plot control

GROUP 24. Dumps for restarts


Getting Help And Status Checking

Access To The Library


will cause Satellite to read in and act on the data settings for the specified case.

Ending The Session

The Satellite Stack

The Pil Tutorials