BY : Dr S V Zhubrin, CHAM Ltd

DATE : August, 2002

FOR : Demonstration case for MOFOR of 3.5


A MOFOR, MOving Frames Of Reference, feature of PHOENICS 3.5 is presented aimed at the demonstration of the method for the simulation of moving multi-body dynamics.

Plane view of velocity field near the ground

Animated representation of flow field induced by relative movements of two trains passing through a tunnel. The animation shows the velocity vectors at the ground plane of the tunnel.

The recirculation region in the gap between the trains is clearly visible.

(For magnified view click on the image.)

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Surface pressure contours on trains

This is animated representation of pressure contours on the surfaces of passing trains.

Can be used for in-depth analysis of train aerodynamics and asses the proximity effects.

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Air velocities at the symmetry plane

Velocity field at the tunnel symmetry plane showing the pumping effect of the trains on the pressure-driven ventilation through the ceiling vents.

The vectors are coloured by the concentration of the ambient air entering the tunnel through the vents.

(For magnified, clearer view click on the image.)