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What's new with PLANT Menu

PHOENICS 3.3 includes a user-friendly front end for PLANT problem definition facility, the menu-driven PLANT Expression Language, PEL.

This will enable users to incorporate complex physical models quickly and reliably, as well as defining property relationships, boundary conditions, arbitrary sources formulations etc., all from within front end menu.

With older PLANT option, when creating new functions, PHOENICS user have had to resort to Q1 settings made in PEL. To do so effectively the user may need to learn the PEL sintax and number of rules how to implement the settings. Menu-driven PEL will avoid all of that and make it really easy for engineer to write the intended expression with logical and relational conditions, if any.

Users will be guided through specific menus (see figures below) by context help advices and warnings, ensuring that the expressionis what the engineer intended. This will, for example, enable users to model complex chemistry, turbulence interactions, or to specify specific non-linear boundary conditions, sources and sinks using the number of menu-selected functions of the solved and stored variables purely through the menu operations.

The following picture show the PLANT menu environment which listed the functions available and displayed the PLANT settings of current Q1 file.

PLANT Menu Environment

The next picture is the property editor form.

Property Editor Menu Window

The third picture shows the menu for interphase settings.

Interphase Settings Menu Window

Finally, the editor form for introduction of sources and sinks is shown.

Special Sources Settings Menu Window