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Making PATCHwise source settings

  1. Scroll 'Dependent variable' list in 'PATCH and COVAL' section of sub-menu dialog box.
  2. Select the variable.
  3. Click on radio buttons next to either 'Coefficient' or 'Value' to activate the settings of constant values for Coefficient and Values, if appropriate.
  4. Specify the constant values of either Coefficient or Value, if any, in the fields provided.
  5. Scroll to view the list of sample expressions for Coefficient and Values.
  6. Select, edit and/or type-in the expressions for Coefficient and/or Value in the fields provided.
  7. Select appropriate PATCH type by scrolling the list.
  8. Specify the extents of PATCH in terms of first cell/time moment index, 'Position', and number of cells/time intervals, 'Size', in the coordinate directions, X, Y,Z, and time,T, in the fields under 'PATCH region'.
  9. Change 'PATCH name', if desired.
  10. Click 'OK' to implement settings or 'Cancel' to cancel them.