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Library case Y618: Global and local self-steering under-relaxations.

The 3D flow of highly viscous fluid in a shell of imaginery heat exchanger is simulated. The heat exchanger considered has two baffles within the shell.

Two types of self-steering false-time under-relaxations for the velocities are introduced by way of PLANT, namely global and local self-steering.

To see the power of relaxation , the solution process is divided into 3 stages:

1. No relaxation for ISWEEP less and equal 100,
2. Global relaxation for ISWEEP larger than 100 and less or equal 200 and
3. Local self-steering relaxation for ISWEEP larger than 200.

Interesting variants include comparison of the rate of convergence for conventional once-for-all under-ralaxations and PLANTed ones for different viscosities and grid fineness.

  1. What user puts into Q1.

  2. What PLANT puts into GROUND.

  3. Results.