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    BY: E. Lopez, CHAM Consultancy, March 99

    FOR: B. Redman, RMJM Building Services.

  1. Problem.

  2. This case was carried out to demonstrate PHOENICS abilities for CFD problem applied to HVAC and thermal comfort.


    The lecture theatre modelled consists of  series of seats row, a projection room at the back and a stage at the front. Its dimensions are: 18 metres by 16 metres by 6 metres high. Up to 275 persons can be seated in this lecture theatre.

    Geometry (top view).

    Geometry (inside of the room).


    There are five supply air diffusers visible on the first picture of the geometry, distributed as follows: two at the back of the room, one at the front, and one on each side. Each diffuser is injecting 550l/s at a temperature of 19 degrees C. The air is extracted through a shadow gap around the ceiling perimeter.

    The wall temperature are set to 22  degrees C, the floor is at 21 degrees C and the ceiling at 24 degrees C. Each person is releasing a heat of 80 Watts to the room.

  3. Results.