BY: E. Lopez, CHAM Consultancy, June 98.



This case models the ventilation of a reactor in a two-floors building. Some of the pictures of the results were taken using the post processor S-photon for PHOENICS, and some using the standard VR viewer post processor.


The reactor is going through the intermediate floor,  the first half of it is on the ground floor and the second half on the first floor. Two air-vents are located on each floor (on the left hand side of the geometry drawing) and two air extractors on each floor, on the opposite wall. A pump is located on the ground floor.


Boundary conditions and heat sources:

Each inlet injects into the room 0.5 m3/s at 15 degrees C. Each of the four outlets maintains a constant 15 Pa differential pressure. The temperature of the reactor is fixed to 70 degrees C. Finally, the pump releases a heat of 500 Watts to the room.

Velocity vectors and streamlines

The two following animations were created from pictures of the standard VR Viewer. In the first one, some objects are hidden for viewing purposes, in the second one, the objects are outlined. The picture of the streamline was also taken in the VR Viewer.

Velocity vectors - animation 1.

Velocity vectors - animation 2

Streamline (1)

Pressure Contours

The following picture showing the pressure were taken from the post processor S-Photon.

Pressure contours at the inlet plane

Pressure contours in a plane crossing the reactor

Pressure contours at the outlet plane

Temperature Contours and Isosurface:

First, some plots of temperature contours in different planes are given, with both post processors (VR Viewer and S-photon). Then, isosurfaces are displayed using S-photon, showing the very good quality of its graphics.

Temperature contours - ground floor

Temperature contours - first floor

Temperature contours at the inlet plane

Temperature contours in a plane crossing the reactor

Temperature contours in the plane of the pump

Isosurface of temperature 16 degrees C

Isosurface of temperature 18 degrees C (1) coloured with pressure

Isosurface of temperature 18 degrees C (2) coloured with pressure