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TITLE : Flow and heat transfer in an electronic cabinet
BY :  CHAM Development Team - F Liu DATE :   1999
FOR :  Demonstration Case
NOTES :  Three-dimensional, forced convection, Cartesian computational grid

Description of the problem:

Part Dimension (side*side*thickness) (mm) Model thermal conductivity (W/mK) Object type in HOTBOX
Cabinet size (half cylinder) Radius of 140, thickness of 70 - Blockage
Chip 20*20*5 30 Blockage
PCB 140*100 (2-D) - Plate
Fan 70*70 (2-D) - Fan
Bottom Vent 70*70 (2-D) - Aperture

Solution procedure:


The following figures show the temperature distributions and velocity vectors of the thermal cabinet with six chips each containing 1W within the half-cylinder enclosure.

Temperature contours across the chips

Temperature contours not across the chips

Velocity vectors across the chips

Velocity vectors not across the chips


This case demonstrates how HOTBOX-VR handles