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TITLE : Forced convection cooling of electronics in a tower rack

BY : CHAM Development Team - Sergei Zhubrin

DATE : 1999

FOR : Demonstration case



This case represents a real-life assembly of electronics component in a tower rack. The system is ventilated by 12 internal fans and consists of two sub-racks mounted vertically. Each sub-rack contains 6 power dissipated PCBs. A power supply unit is housed at the rack bottom.

The front door of the enclosure is perforated at two levels to allow ambient air to enter. The roof is also perforated to allow the heated air to leave.

Angled baffle plate is placed between sub-racks, so as to ensure that fresh, ambient air is sucked-in by the fans mounted on the horisontal plate above.

Horisontal baffle plate is also placed under the lower sub-rack housing 6 fans sucking the fresh, ambient air through the aperture.

Electronic components generate heat and simulation is carried out to locate the hot spots.

Pictures are as follows :