FLAIR Tutorial 1: Investigating library case I203

This tutorial is to illustrate how to load case I203, Ventilation of Hackney Hall from the FLAIR library and investigate its settings, run the case and view the results. However, this is a 3D real application and the user does not have to run through the case as it may take a few hours to complete.

Starting FLAIR with the default room

The FLAIR VR-Environment screen should appear, which shows the default room with the dimensions 10mx10mx3m.

Loading the library case I203

This case was to simulate the air flow and thermal characteristics in the theartre influenced by the ventilation system.

Investigating the model settings

Running the solver

As the Earth solver starts and the flow calculations commence, two graphs should appear on the screen. The left-hand graph shows the variation of solved variables at the monitoring point that was set during the model definition. The right-hand graph shows the variation of errors as the solution progresses.

A 3D real application like this requires about 30 minutes of computing time on a 3.5Ghz PC.

Viewing the results

The following streamlines will be displayed on the screen.