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WORKSHOP  - Multi-Block - 1

"T" - Junction

This workshop goes through the steps required to create a two-block grid for a T-Junction, using the GCV solver.

The geometry

It will be helpful to be familiar with the basic steps of BFC grid generation, as shown in the other BFC tutorials.

Basic steps for Multi-Block Setup

  1. Plan the decomposition of domain into individual blocks. A possible configuration is shown above. Block 1 is to be 5 x 15 x 1, and Block 2 is to be 15 x 5 x 1.
  2. Generate the grid for each individual block. The grid for each block will be generated in a separate mesh-generator session.
  3. Combine the grids to form the multi-block grid and define inter-block links. This step involves hand-editing the input Q1 file.
  4. Define remainder of the problem (variables, boundary conditions, etc).

Hints for Problem Setup


Create geometry for all blocks

The BFC Mesh generation screens

The required points and lines

Set grid for first block

The Extrude dialog

Set grid for second block

Combining the two blocks

TALK=T;RUN( 1, 1)

Save and exit Notepad.

The READCO command reads the two block files and assembles them. The MPATCH commands link the two blocks. These are the only operations which cannot be performed from a dialog box.

Setting up the remainder of the problem