cartt dim CARTES = T, cartesian or body-fitted co-ordinates polar dim CARTES = F, polar co-ordinates nxeq1 dim NX = 1 nyeq1 dim NY = 1 nzeq1 dim NZ = 1 timed dim Time-dependence cngrs num Conjugate-gradient solver cldal num Conservative low-dispersion algorithm ccmet num CCM, collocated co-variant method exprt num EXPERT fgeme num Fine-grid embedding outit num FGEM solver with outer iterations gauss num Gauss-Seidel solver is used gencv num General Collocated Velocities holme num HOL, the height-of-liquid free-surface-flow method mulbl num MULBL, multi-block grid parso num PARSOL semme num SEM, the scalar-equation free-surface-flow method uspme num USP, UnStuctured PHOENICS voblc num Volumetric block correction darcy flo Darcy flow fdevf flo Fully-developed flow isent flo Isentropic flow parab flo Parabolic flow potfs flo Potential flow ipsam flo Two-phase flow frsur flo Free-surface flow aslpm phy Algebraic-slip model buoya phy Buoyancy frsur phy Free-surface model heatt phy Heat transfer ipsam phy Interphase Slip Algorithm, IPSA seven phy Seven-gases option strai phy Solid stress and strain chkhi tur Chen-Kim high-Re turb. mod. chklo tur Chen-Kim low-Re turb. mod. cenut tur Constant-Effective-Viscosity model si1lo tur First simple low-Re turb. mod. lbrlo tur Lam-Bremhorst low-Re turb. mod. kalhi tur Kato-Launder high-Re turb. mod. turke tur Kinetic energy of turbulence turep tur Dissipation rate of turbulence lvelm tur LVEL model mfmod tur Multi-fluid turbulence mmkhi tur MMK high-Re turb. mod. prmxl tur Prandtl's Mixing-Length Model rnghi tur RNG high-Reynolds-Number turbulence si2lo tur Second simple low-Re turb. mod. twotu tur Two-fluid turbulence model twshi tur Two-scale high-Re turb. mod. twllo tur Two-layer low-Re turb. mod. wikhi tur Wilcox-Kolmogorov high-Re turb. mod. wiklo tur Wilcox-Kolmogorov low-Re turb. mod. dolla dat Dollar-name patch infor dat In-Form inputs data via formulae plant dat PLANT creates new Fortran automatically agity aaa ANGLED-IN-type VR-object exists agoty aaa ANGLED-OUT-type VR-object exists aslpm aaa Algebraic-slip model assty aaa ASSEMBLY-type VR-object exists autma aaa AUTOPLOT USE macro blkty bbb BLOCKAGE-type VR-object exists bodfc bbb Body-fitted coordinates buoya bbb Buoyancy cartt ccc CARTES = T, cartesian or body-fitted co-ordinates ccmet ccc CCM, collocated co-variant method cldal ccc Conservative low-dispersion algorithm cenut ccc Constant-Effective-Viscosity model chemk ccc CHEMKIN chkih ccc Chen-Kim high-Re turb. mod. chkil ccc Chen-Kim low-Re turb. mod. chsop ccc Chemical-source patch is used cngrs ccc Conjugate-gradient solver cvdre ccc CVD: chemical-vapour-deposition reactor convg ccc CONVGR, special compressible-flow GROUND darcy ddd Darcy flow difty ddd DIFFUSER-type VR-object exists turep ddd Dissipation rate of turbulence dolla ddd Dollar-name patch displ ddd DISPLAY section eqvel eee Equal-velocity two-phase option escrs eee ESCRS ester eee ESTER, for electrolytic aluminium smelting exprt eee EXPERT f1vwt fff F1-VWT, for the F1-in-schools project fgeme fff Fine-grid embedding outit fff FGEM solver with outer iterations fanty fff FAN-type VR-object exists firty fff FIRE-type VR-object exists flair fff FLAIR, the SPP for HVAC and smoke movement fsiml fff First simple low-Re turb. mod. fdevf fff Fully-developed flow frsur fff Free-surface model (HOL or SEM) furna fff FURNACE gauss ggg Gauss-Seidel solver is used gencv ggg General Collocated Velocities - GCV heatt hhh Heat transfer (solves for tem1, tem2, h1 ,or h2) holme hhh Height-Of-Liquid free surface model hotbx hhh HOTBOX ideal iii Ideal-gas properties imbal iii Imbalance patch immer iii IMMERSOL infif iii In-Form uses IF condition infor iii In-Form inputs data via formulae initi iii Initial values set by In-Form inlty iii INLET-type VR-object exists ipsam iii Interphase Slip Algorithm, IPSA isent iii Isentropic flow jetty jjj JETFAN-type VR-object exists turke kkk Kinetic energy of turbulence lambl lll Lam-Bremhorst low-Re turb. mod. linkp lll Link patch ltlss lll Use of LTLS lvelm lll LVEL model matfl mmm Use of MATFLG matin mmm Material indices set via SPEDAT micas mmm MICA mfmod mmm Multi-fluid turbulence mmkhi mmm MMK high-Re turb. model prmxl mmm Mixing-Length Model mofor mmm MOFOR, i.e. Moving frame of reference movbf mmm Moving body-fitted coordinates mulbl nnn MULBL, multi-block grid nepat nnn Neighbour patch nxeq1 nnn NX = 1 nyeq1 nnn NY = 1 nzeq1 nnn NZ = 1 outit ooo uses outer iterations in FGEM solver outty ooo OUTLET-type VR-object exists parab ppp Parabolic flow parso ppp PARSOL, the cut-cell technique pepty ppp PEOPLE-type VR-object exists perce ppp Per-cent patch, for masking prsty ppp PERSON-type VR-object exists phoma ppp PHOTON USE macro plant ppp PLANT creates new Fortran automatically platy ppp PLATE-type VR-object exists plate ppp Plate porosity prdla ppp Plate pressure-drop law prdco ppp Plate pressure-drop coefficient polar ppp Polar coordinates potfs ppp Potential flow prmxl ppp Prandtl's Mixing-Length Model prope ppp Properties set by In-Form readq rrr Readq1 rnghi rrr RNG high-reynolds-number turbulence rotty rrr ROTOR-type VR-object exists scrsm sss SCRS model semme sss SEM, the scalar-equation free-surface-flow method seven sss Seven-gases option solep sss Solves for energy-dissipation solke sss Solves for turbulence energy spepr sss SPEDAT used for print-out ssiml sss Second simple low-Re turb. mod. strai sss Solid stress and strain sourc sss Source set by In-Form sprty sss SPRAY-HEAD-type VR-object exists starn sss Star-name patch store sss Stored variable created by In-Form tacts ttt TACT, natural-draught cooling tower tplty iii THIN-PLATE-type VR-object exists timed ttt Time-dependence trsty ttt TRANSFER-type VR-object exists twotu tur Two-fluid turbulence model tscah ttt Two-scale high-Re turb. mod. tscal ttt Two-scale low-Re turb. mod. twoph ttt Two-phase flow vrobj vvv Uses facetted VR (virtual-reality) objects vrvma vvv Viewer USE macro wilch www Wilcox-Kolmogorov high-Re turb. mod. wilcl www Wilcox-Kolmogorov low-Re turb. mod. winty www WIND-type VR-object exists wprty www WIND-PROFILE-type VR-object exists woodc www Wood combustion