Product Details

FLAIR is a variant of PHOENICS designed to provide an air-flow and thermal-simulation facility for building services engineers and the HVAC community, and for those concerned with fire, smoke and pollutant hazards, for both internal and external flow scenarios.

FLAIR differs from PHOENICS through the inclusion of a number of dedicated objects which allow easy specification of Heat sources from people, Comfort indices, Humidity, Diffusers of various types, Fires, Sprinklers, Wind profiles and wind rose data, Solar direct and diffuse radiation fluxes and Rain and rain measurement.


FLAIR has numerous applications including:

  • HVAC
  • Thermal comfort
  • Fire and smoke hazards
  • Chemical release and dispersion of pollutants
  • Natural ventilation within buildings and wind flow around buildings.
  • Urban heat island
  • Pedestrian wind comfort analysis