About CHAM



Concentration, Heat And Momentum Limited (CHAM) was founded in 1974 by Professor Brian Spalding FRS, FREng. The company is a world-leading consultancy and software house specialising in computer simulation of fluid-flow and heat-transfer processes. CHAM's HQ is in Wimbledon, London, England, with a subsidiary in Japan, and agencies worldwide.

CHAM spearheaded applying Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to the solution of problems in the environment, the built environment, and engineering equipment. Use of CHAM's CFD Consultancy services, PHOENICS (CHAM's innovative general-purpose CFD software), FLAIR/FLAIR-EFS, or RhinoCFD, sharpens the competitive edge of companies and industries worldwide. It does this by way of product understanding and optimisation early in the design process, environmental impact assessment, reduced development times, cost reduction, and product performance analysis.

Our Values include

  • A commitment to providing easy to use, accurate and reliable software designed for Engineers, by Engineers
  • Free, expert, individual user support for all maintained PHOENICS, FLAIR or RhinoCFD users to assist them to make the most out of their use of the software
  • A commitment to work to ensure that our software is continually improving and developing to enhance the design process for our customers
  • Working to apply the software to environmental problems crucial in the world today; and to help our users so to do
  • Consultancy performed by Engineers with a wide range of experience, to carry out design analysis for all applications


CHAM's Future
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