JOB TITLE: Technical Sales Engineer


LOCATION: Wimbledon, London, England


October 2023


Does the challenge of creating a vibrant, outward-facing, proactive Technical Sales activity within a long-established, small, Company appeal? This is the opportunity which CHAM (Concentration Heat and Momentum Limited) is offering. Initially you will be a team of one. If this sounds like you, if you have the right combination of technical knowledge, sales skills and experience please read on and consider joining our technical team in Wimbledon, London (



CHAM is looking for an enthusiastic Technical Sales Engineer with engineering knowledge and sales experience, who is customer- and results-focussed. The successful candidate will interact with our technical team for support but, in addition to sales skills, needs knowledge of engineering (preferably Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)) to be able to speak with potential clients, write technical proposals, and turn these proposals into sales (of software and/or consultancy).


CHAM is seeking someone who welcomes new challenges, will enjoy interacting with new colleagues, will relish sharing knowledge and experiences with new clients, and will be a quick learner with regard to picking up the basics of PHOENICS, CHAM’s general-purpose CFD software. The candidate will not be deterred by the prospect of generating software and consultancy sales in the current economic environment, will manage time, and will concentrate on revenue generation.


The position involves multitasking with the main focus being outward facing and proactive. It involves selling PHOENICS, and other CHAM products and consultancy services, to clients with varied needs who seek expert help to realize and test their ideas and bring viable products to market. The Technical Sales Engineer will find these clients, demonstrate how CHAM’s technical software can solve their problems, and create a meaningful revenue stream via these business opportunities.


Challanges & Responsibilities:


Necessary Qualifications:


Desirable Qualifications::


CFD has become a standard tool in solving problems in the environment and engineering which involve fluid flow, heat transfer, combustion, and chemical reaction processes. PHOENICS is the original general-purpose CFD code. You will be selling this software which has been developed, tested, validated, and extended over four decades. It has the longest CFD history and a diverse international user base which needs increasing. CHAM needs a new Technical Sales Engineer to bring this about. CHAM needs new ideas and new initiatives to bring in new clients and enable our existing commercial, R&D, and academic clients to continue responding effectively, efficiently, innovatively, and quickly to problems which face the world today.


CHAM offers competitive salary and benefits. Applicants are invited to send their CV with a cover letter outlining their technical and sales qualifications, experience, enthusiasm, and suitability for this position, to with the subject heading “Technical Sales Engineer Application – (Your Name)”.