Want to model a body in motion?  PHOENICS’ Moving Frame Of Reference permits the simulation of flows induced by bodies in motion. It acts by moving, through the fixed computational grid, such momentum sources as will ensure that the velocities at locations within the body have the values implied by the prescribed motion.
Some examples of the uses of MOFOR are as follows:

  • Positive-displacement pumps and compressors:
  • crank/connecting-rod/piston mechanisms in gasoline, diesel and steam engines;
  • valve motions in engines;
  • fans, blowers and other kinds of turbomachinery;
  • shock-absorbers;
  • diesel-engine fuel injectors;
  • blow-out disks;
  • thrust-reversal devices;
  • parachute deployment;
  • canal-lock door closure;
  • trains entering, or passing in, tunnels;
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