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Unique features of PHOENICS

The parabolic mode of flow simulation
Stress and strain in solids
The Virtual Reality geometry-input procedure
The Multi-Fluid Model of Turbulence
PARSOL, the "cut-cell" technique
The LVEL Model of turbulence

Stress and Strain in solids

The following stress and strain calculations in solids were performed simultaneously with fluid-flow calculations.

Stresses in a centrally-heated convection-cooled block
Thermal Stresses in Expanded Composite Block
Solid Distorted by Thermal Stresses

Click here for a description of solid-stress analysis in PHOENICS

Applications of the Multi-Fluid Model

Explosion in a baffled enclosure
Confined turbulent jets
Smoke production simulated by a 100-fluid model
Salt production in a paddle-stirred reactor (lecture extract)

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Applications of the LVEL turbulence model

Flow in a Labyrinth
Flow in a Recess
Multi-block example

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