Appendix F; Contents of the GENTRA Input Library


Group 1: Lazy and stubborn particles

Group 2: Particles in isothermal flow

Group 3: Particles with heat transfer

Group 4: Particles with solidification

Group 5: Particles with mass transfer

Group 6: Particle tracking with density calculation

Loading instructions:

To load a library case, click on File, Load from Libraries, enter the case number in the Library dialog box and click OK.

Group 1 - Lazy and stubborn particles

G704: Tracers in pipe with bend (BFC=T,3D)

G706: Beams in reaction turbine (BFC=T, LIBREF=525)

Group 2 - Particles in isothermal flow

G200: Particles in backward-facing step (STM test)

G201: Spray dryer (BFC=T)

G204: Particles in radial impeller (BFC,rotating,LIBREF=424)

G205: Particles through ball valve (BFC=T,LIBREF=534)

G207: Rain in sample cup (CARTES=F,LIBREF=237)

G209: Particles in 2D curved duct (BFC=T, CONJUGATE HEAT TRANSFER)

Group 3 - Particles with heat transfer

G301: Particle heating in pipe with constant gas temperature

and particle velocity (transient)

G302: Heat-exchanging, 1-d, steady, cp=a+bt

G303: Heat-exchanging, 1-d, transient, cp=a+bt

Group 4 - Particles with solidification

G401: Solidifying, 1-d, transient, m=3.0

G403: Solidifying, 1-d, transient, l=l(t)

G405: Isothermal solidification (TRANSIENT).


Group 5 - Particles with mass transfer

U502: Particle evaporating in pipe with constant gas

temperature and particle velocity, but changing vapour

concentration (particle temperature is also kept

constant, TRANSIENT)

U505: Evaporating particles in spray dryer (BFC)

U506: Particles in 2D curved duct (BFC=T, CONJUGAT HEAT


U507: Particles in 2D channel (SOLVE H1)

U508: Isothermal evaporation, constant prop's, steady

Group 6 - Particle tracking with density calculation

G722: Oblique impingement of box in water

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