Appendix J; Nomenclature

Note: Bold typeface indicates vector

Ap Particle projected area [E6.7]

b Buoyancy factor [E6.5]

Bm Mass transfer number

CD Drag coefficient [E6.8]

Cp Specific heat capacity

Dp Drag function [E6.6]

F Frössling correction for mass transfer

Fs Particle solid fraction

g Gravitational acceleration (vector)

Hfg Latent heat of vaporisation

K Turbulence kinetic energy

k Thermal conductivity

L Latent heat of solidification

mp Mass of a particle

Nu Nusselt number

Re Particle Reynolds number (Re = )

T Temperature

TL Liquidus temperature

Ts Solidus temperature

W Molecular weight

m Solidification index

Dte Eddy lifetime [E6.10]

Dtr Eddy crossing-time [E6.12]

Dte Lagrangian time-step

a Particle heat transfer coefficient

U Instantaneous continuous-phase velocity

U'c Fluctuating continuous-phase velocity (Section 6.6.1)

Uc Continuous-phase velocity

Up Particle velocity

xp Particle position

Yvs Mass fraction of vapour at droplet surface

Yvoo Mass fraction of vapour in surroundings

e Rate of dissipation of turbulence kinetic energy

fc Continuous-phase property

W Angular speed of rotation of the co-ordinate system [E6.13]

nc Continuous-phase kinematic viscosity

r Density



p particle

v vapour

s particle solid phase

l particle liquid phase

c continuous phase

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