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CHAM Technical Report TR/211

PHOENICS Version 2021

Document last revised 16/07/21


1 Introduction

1.1 What GENTRA is and does

1.2 Features of GENTRA

1.3 Limitations of GENTRA

1.4 How GENTRA fits in

1.5 About this Guide

1.6 Conventions used in this Guide

2 The GENTRA Input Menu

2.1 About this chapter

2.2 About the GENTRA Menu

2.3 The GENTRA Main Menu panel

2.4 Help and information

2.5 Particle type

2.6 Physics of current particle type

2.7 Boundary conditions for particles

2.8 Numerical controls

2.9 Input/Output controls

2.10 Ending the GENTRA Menu session

2.11 The GENTRA Library


3.1 Introduction

3.2 The Q1 file generated by the GENTRA menu

3.3 GENTRA declarations

3.4 GENTRA Groups 1 to 4: GENTRA data

3.5 Provisions for the EARTH run

3.6 Transmission to EARTH

3.7 Exit and symmetry patches

4 Running GENTRA Earth

4.1 Introduction

4.2 The GENTRA run

4.3 Results produced by GENTRA


5.1 Introduction

5.2 The structure of GENTRA-EARTH

5.3 The FORTRAN subroutine GENIUS

5.4 The property function - GPROPS

5.5 Building private versions of GENTRA

6 The GENTRA Equations

6.1 Introduction

6.2 The continuous-phase equations

6.3 Lagrangian equations

6.4 Submodels

6.5 Integration of the equations

6.6 Additional information

Appendix A. Known Limitations of GENTRA

Appendix B. List of GENTRA PIL variables

B.1 Introduction

B.2 List of variables

Appendix C. List of GENTRA FORTRAN variables

C.1 Variables for continuous phase

C.2 Variables for particle phase

C.3 Printout variables

C.4 Auxiliary variables

Appendix D. List of Run-Time Errors

D.1 Introduction

D.2 Warning messages

D.3 Error messages

D.4 Internal errors

Appendix E. Listing of the Q1 File for the Example

Appendix F. Contents of the GENTRA Input Library

Appendix G. Listing of GENIUS

G.1 Listing of GENIUS

G.2 Listing of GENTRA

G.3 Listing of GPROPS

Appendix H. The GENTRA Glossary

Appendix I. References

I.1 Quoted in this guide

I.2 Relevant CHAM Technical Reports

Appendix J. Nomenclature

Appendix K. GENTRA Utilities

K.1 Plotting Trajectories

K.2 Saving as a case