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Brian Spalding

The PHOENICS Encyclopaedia has been designed as a comprehensive and easily accessible store of information likely to be directly helpful or otherwise interesting to users of PHOENICS.

It is an alphabetically-arranged miscellany of information items, the shortest of which are one-line pointers to other items, and the longest of which comprise many pages of description or explanation.

The items are not entirely uniform in style, because they have been composed or assembled by several different persons, at different times.

The present issue of the Encyclopaedia is better, we believe, than its predecessors, of which the first appeared in 1994.

However, its creators are in no doubt about the need further to enrich its contents, and to improve its clarity and helpfulness. They therefore invite critics to draw their attention to deficiencies, whether these concern missing items, lack of clarity, infelicitous language, or incorrectness.

Those who care to express their criticisms in the form of a proposed new Encyclopaedia entry will be especially welcome. CHAM will be happy to consider such suggestions, and to include them with (of course) acknowledgement of their origin.

Please send any such contributions by e-mail to