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Explanatory notes for the post solver output file minires.htm

After the CFD solver has completed a run, a table will pop up. This table is known as "Minires", and it contains useful information about whether or not your solution has converged.

Determining whether a solution has converged can be difficult, and will depend on the nature of the simulation being performed. However, sometimes it is clear that a solution has not converged. Minires reports three key indicators, which will be flagged as yellow if their values are borderline, or red if their values are highly questionable.

The three key indicators are the residual error, the net balance sum, and the maximum correction:

Variable Red Orange Yellow
P1 >2% 1%-2% 0.1% - 1%
U1, V1, W1 >5% 2%-5% 1% - 2%
TEM1/T3 >2% 1%-2% 0.1% - 1%
C1 >2% 1%-2% 0.1% - 1%