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PARSOL is the technique for improving the accuracy of flow simulations for situations in which a fluid/solid boundary intersects obliquely some of the cells of a cartesian or polar-co-ordinate grid.

Examples of the use of PARSOL in the Applications Album can be seen by clicking here.

PARSOL is capable of calculating the fluid-flow phenomena accurately, whether the flow is laminar or turbulent, provided that the cell is cut by the interface into no more than two sub-cells, one containing fluid and the other solid.

Conjugate heat transfer is also correctly computed in such circumstances.

It is currently a requirement that the information about the geometry of the solid-fluid interface should be conveyed to EARTH by means of a FACETDAT file, of the kind which can be produced by the Virtual- Reality interface of PHOENICS.

PARSOL is activated whenever faceted objects are referred to by the input-data file, Q1. It may be deactivated by setting PARSOL=F.

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