PHOENICS (Parabolic, Hyperbolic or Elliptic Numerical Integrated Code Series) is a finite-volume general purpose CFD code suitable for modelling processes involving fluid-flow, heat- and mass-transfer, chemical reaction and/or combustion. It is applicable to steady or transient flow and capable of modelling turbulent, laminar, multi-phase, compressible and incompressible flows in 1D, 2D and 3D using Cartesian, polar, body-fitted or unstructured computational meshes.


PHOENICS can be applied across a spectrum of environmental and industrial sectors including: Aerospace, Automotive, Building Services/HVAC, Chemical, Combustors & Furnaces, Defence, Electronics Cooling, Environment, Marine & Offshore, Petroleum/Gas, Medical/Health, Metallurgical, Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy, Turbomachinery, Urban Heat Island.
Do you need to model fluid flow prior to embarking on creating expensive structures (environmental, industrial or urban)? Do you need to create digital prototypes which enable environmental and industrial impact to be checked, ensure health and safety compliance etc? If so, CHAM has what you need.


If it flows – PHOENICS can model it!


Users of CFD, which has become an essential, and invaluable, part of product production, need access to software which is easy-to-use and reliable. PHOENICS was the first commercial CFD code on the market. It was created by Brian Spalding (founding father of CFD) and has solved fluid-flow CFD problems since 1981; CHAM has solved them since 1974 and Spalding worked on them in the 60s and 70s at Imperial College.


PHOENICS, therefore, is the most established software of its kind. It is cost effective, extensively validated, and supported by a team which probably has the most long-term knowledge of, and in, the field. CHAM’s team of engineers based in the UK and Japan has many years of experience in applying PHOENICS to a wealth of flow simulation scenarios.


If you would like to create your own simulations get in touch and talk through with our staff how best our software can meet your requirements. We provide expert assistance, and training, to those who do their own simulations.


If you have a need for CFD but do not wish to carry out your own simulations that it not a problem. CHAM’s highly qualified engineers can work with you, answer your questions, and carry out the work for you. Check out our Consultancy capabilities.



PHOENICS had been extensively used and documented over the years on a wide range of scenarios. Below you can find links to all the documentation.

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There are a wide range of licensing options available. Discounts are offered for non-profit research and development activities, as well as for academic use. To discover the licensing option that best suits you please provide contact details and a member of our sales team will get in touch.

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