RhinoCFD FAQ - Setup and Install

Software Install/Setup

What version of Rhino does RhinoCFD work for?

RhinoCFD currently works on 64bit Rhino v5

Does RhinoCFD work with Grasshopper?

RhinoCFD does not currently work with Grasshopper, however this is a capability we are hoping to include in the future

What operating systems does RhinoCFD work on?

RhinoCFD will work on any Windows OS that supports 64bit Rhino. Refer to https://www.rhino3d.com/system_requirements for any more information.

What computer specifications does RhinoCFD need in order to run

We recommend at least 2GB free of disk space for use and before installing RhinoCFD.

Do you grant any educational discounts?

Yes. Please contact rhinoCFD@cham.co.uk for more information.

Can I use RhinoCFD on more than one computer?

The Beta version of Rhino can be installed on any computer that has Rhinoceros installed.

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