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Rhino will not let me use Rhinocfd due to a licence error.

RhinoCFD requires a current (in date) phoenics.lic file in order to function. To update the licence, right click on the right hand CHAM logo Logo_button icon in the toolbar and browse to wherever the new RhinoCFD licence file is saved.

Installed toolbar does not function correctly.

The best method of ensuring the tool bar behaves correctly is to complete a clean install – deleting all previous files and then installing RhinoCFD. To complete a clean install go to the file: C:\Users\”user”\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins and delete both the VTKInRhino and RhinoSatexe files. Then complete the install again.

The next time you restart Rhino this tool bar should appear on your screen.


More information on Rhino3D tool bars is available from:

Object does not block fluid flow.

RhinoCFD requires objects to be closed polysurfaces or closed meshes and does not support open surfaces. Any surface should be given a nominal thickness so that it can be picked up by RhinoCFD.

There is flow within my solid object.

RhinoCFD does not show results within truly solid objects, if results for variables such as pressure are visible then it is likely that your object contains holes. A common cause of this is using imperfect meshes. Try using the Rhino mesh repair wizard to ensure that your geometry is ready for CFD simulations to be run.

I am experiencing problems running RhinoCFD, who do I contact?

The majority of concerns can be solved through our FAQs or forums: https://discourse.mcneel.com/. However, if this does not solve your problem, contact us at rhinocfd@cham.co.uk.

My simulation did not start or was ended early due to an error

Information on why your simulation was not completed, can be found in your working directory.

  • If an error message appeared before the simulation started, please check the file called satexe.
  • If your simulation ended as the simulation was about to start please see the bottom of the file called result
  • If your simulation diverged the please inspect the result file. This gives information necessary for diagnosing, which variable has caused the error.

Please see the video tutorial on convergence for guidance: www.rhinocfd.com/rhinocfd_basics.

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