CHAM offer a wide range of services aimed at all types of clients. To learn more about our services please choose one of the following:



We offer a high quality, cost effective service to provide answers to problems where dozens of scenarios must be trialled. This greatly reduces the need for physical experimentation and prototypes reducing the time and cost to market read more.

Extended Consultancy Support

We can help you set up your own cases and run them in a collaborative fashion. Using this services will help you learn more about using the software whilst also ensuring your case gets completed read more.

User Support

We have a dedicated and experienced User Support Team based in the UK on hand to provide expert advice and assistance on all aspects of PHOENICS. Our team consists of highly trained engineers with a wealth of experience modelling a wide variety of problems read more.

High Performance Cluster Access

Some of the biggest, most complex cases will take an inordinate amount of time to run on a regular desktop. It is for these cases that it’s useful to have access to an HPC cluster read more.


Introductory training courses are available at CHAM’s headquarters in Wimbledon for Users of PHOENICS, FLAIR, and other software as needed. Courses are designed to assist new users to get the most out of the product and give them the confidence to perform successful CFD simulations read more.