CHAM offer an extensive range of CFD software to suit all kinds of users. Our software range stems from the general purpose CFD code PHOENICS and extends to products focussed towards aiding design and analysis for different industries.

You can explore our software solutions below.


PHOENICS is a reliable, cost-effective CFD program with a proven track record simulating scenarios involving fluid flow, heat or mass transfer, chemical reactions and combustion for a wide range of application read more.


FLAIR is a variant of PHOENICS designed to provide an air-flow and thermal-simulation facility for the HVAC community, and for those concerned with fire, smoke and pollutant hazards, for both internal and external flow scenarios read more.


PHOENICS-OTC uses virtual machines on the Microsoft Azure platform to provide a on-demand, flexible, scalable and hardware free solution to run CFD simulations. read more.

Data Centres

CHAM offers DC-Optima, a specialized CFD design and analysis tool designed specifically to help an engineer optimise datacenter design read more.


The function of Urban-VWT is to simulate the air flow around individual or groups of buildings, incorporating measured wind statistics to obtain yearly averaged results for the modelled wind direction  read more.

Chemical Vapour Deposition

PHOENICS-CVD is an integrated software system designed to simulate the behaviour of a wide range of CVD reactors read more

Electrolytic Smelting

ESTER (Electrolytic SmelTER) is developed specifically for the simulation of multi-anode electrolytic smelters of the Hall-cell type read more.

Heat Exchangers

HeatEx simulates the performance of shell and tube heat exchangers read more.