Technical Support

CHAM has a dedicated and experienced UK based Technical-Support Team available to provide expert advice and assistance on all aspects of PHOENICS, and other PHOENICS-based software available from CHAM, to facilitate simple and successful software use for your application.

Our team comprises highly trained engineers with an unparalleled wealth of CFD knowledge regarding the modelling of a wide variety of heat-transfer and fluid-flow problems. This knowledge comes from decades of immersion in the field covering all aspects – Software Development, Consultancy, Working with wide-ranging client needs, Methods and methodology - in fact any and all aspects of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Users can benefit from the years of knowledge and experience at CHAM via Maintenance Agreements (for PHOENICS and associated software) which (as long as they are kept current) offer unlimited, highly qualified, user support covering:
• Resolution of convergence problems and implausible solutions
• Detection of common mistakes
• Advice on how to improve results
• Comprehensive PHOENICS utilities support
• Full documentation covering problem resolution



We recommend that Users simplify a problem as much as possible before sending it to CHAM. When simplifying the problem one should consider dimensionality, physical models (turbulence, radiation, etc), physical properties, boundary conditions, etc. Not only does this help us provide a speedy resolution to the problem, but it may also help Users identify the cause themselves.

When requesting user support, please include the following information:
• Your organisation's name and PHOENICS Maintenance Agreement number
• Version of PHOENICS, or PHOENICS-based Software, being used
• Description of the problem you are experiencing
• Q1 files and relevant CAD geometry files (these can be sent via

Before contacting CHAM, please look at our FAQs page, as your question may already have been answered.

Some Users may require help and advice with modelling a specific physical process/item of equipment or building or setting up a complex problem. For these users we offer Extended Consultancy Support. For more information on the options available, or to request support, please contact CHAM.

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