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Chapter 7. Shapemaker

Shapemaker as a stand-alone executable program was available with PHOENICS 3.5. It can be used for the creation of files corresponding to a variety of mathematically-defined shapes.

In PHOENICS 3.6, Shapemaker has been integrated into the VR-Editor and can be activated directly from the Object Specification dialog as shown below.

The new Shapemaker can now add and store non-geometric attributes of objects to files having the file extension .POB, for example, Sunlight object, as well as saving the shapes to files having the file extension .DAT. The formats of the POB and DAT files exported by Shapemaker are accepted by the VR Editor and Viewer.

The following figure shows the Sunlight object exported from Shapemaker and imported to VR-Editor. The window is on the left size wall and the angle is 30 degree between sunlight ray direction and Z axis. A projected floor patch and a wall patch are automatically generated by Shapemaker.

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