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J location, index for specifying location within a grid

I, J and K represent coordinate indices in the x, y and z directions.
IX, IY and IZ perform the same service.

(see for example, JMON integer, Group 6)

JETFAN, a FLAIR object specifying air-velocity within a volume

See the description in the FLAIR User Guide.


------ PIL integer; default=1; group 6 ----

JMON....index for specifying J location ( in BFC nomenclature ) at which the coordinates XC(IMON,JMON,KMON), YC(IMON,JMON,KMON), ZC(IMON,JMON,KMON) are displayed for sweep-by-sweep monitoring in the course of grid generation by the "Laplace solver", MAGIC(L).


------- PIL logical; groups 1 & 19 ------

JMPBCK... is used to activate a facility for adjusting the relaxation parameters (DTFALS) in response to variations in the residuals.

See the help and encyclopaedia entries on EXPERT, and GREX3 for further information.