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FREE-Surface Flows (i.e. flows that involve the presence and interaction of two or more fluids, separated by sharply defined interfaces) can be simulated by PHOENICS. Three different methods are provided, namely:

  1. The Volume of Fluid Method (VOF);
  2. the Scalar Equation Method (SEM);
  3. the Height of Liquid (HOL) technique.

HOL, VOF and SEM all employ a one-velocity-set solution procedure, and the different fluids separated by the distinct interface have only one value of each velocity component, temperature, concentration, etc for each computational cell. The relevant governing equations are solved in the conventional single-phase manner and the two fluids are accounted for through the specification of the physical properties (density, viscosity, etc).

The applicability and limitations of these options can be summarized as follows:

See the entry for H-O-L for instructions on how to activate it in PHOENICS.