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CHEMKIN Interface

  1. CHEMKIN is a public-domain program created by Sandia National Laboratories.

  2. CHEMKIN consists of:

  3. Associated with CHEMKIN, is a further system that supplies transport data. It consists of:-

  4. The PHOENICS CHEMKIN Interface provides a range of facilities, from which the user may choose those that he requires, namely:

  5. CHEMKIN is extensively used in connexion with the PHOENICS-CVD special-purpose program.

  6. For more complete information about CHEMKIN, and the PHOENICS interface to it, click here.

  7. CHEMKIN, and the interface, may be ordered from CHAM.

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  1. GENIE is an interface program supplied as part of PHOENICS, which facilitates the linking of PHOENICS (including multi-block) with third-party grid-generators and viewers, especially those devised originally for finite-element packages.

  2. GENIE consists of two parts: a set of subroutines used for the conversion of grids and patches from external programs into SATELLITE Q1 and XYZ files, called the PEN (PHOENICS Element Neutral file) system; and a set of subroutines for the conversion of PHOENICS results, called the NEP (ir "PEN" backwards) system.

  3. A full description can be found by clicking here.

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The TECPLOT Interface

  1. TECPLOT is a graphics package designed for displaying the results of CFD calculations.

  2. CHAM can supply the program, together with an interface which facilitates its use for the display of the results of calculations produced by PHOENICS.

  3. Some pictures resulting from the combined use of PHOENICS, TECPLOT and GeoGrid-CSI may be seen by clicking below.
    temperature contours
    pressure contours
    iso-surface of temperature

  4. TECPLOT, and the interface to it, may be ordered from CHAM.

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