Documentation for PHOENICS 2007 and beyond

The only hard-copy documentation supplied with the PHOENICS software is:

Installation of PHOENICS;TR 110 Word Document

The following documents, which were formerly supplied in hard-copy form, may be viewed by clicking below

PHOENICS Overview; TR 001 html
Starting with PHOENICS-VR; TR 324 html
The PHOENICS-VR reference guide; TR 326 html
In-Form; TR 003 html
Material properties in PHOENICS; TR 004 html
What's new in PHOENICS; TR 006 html
Release Notes for current version; TR 327 html
FLAIR User Guide; TR 313 html
CVD User Guide; TR 314 html
GENTRA User Guide; TR 211 html

All these documents are available as part of POLIS, the PHOENICS On-Line Information System, which is supplied with every installation of PHOENICS, and which contains hyper-links to further text and image files.