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TR006 - Chapter 1: The PHOENICS object concept

  1. Section 1.1: Introduction
  2. Section 1.2: New thinking about objects and patches
  3. Section 1.3: The current status

Section 1.1: Introduction

Section 1.2: New thinking about objects and patches

Section 1.3: The current status

PHOENICS already has a practice of loading objects from libraries of dat files. However, the only information stored in those object files was their shapes. Undoubtedly HVAC users would like to have a library of ready-for-use HVAC objects with complete information stored. Those model objects need only to be put in position and switched on.

PHOENICS 3.6 provides a library of POB files which store both shape and attributes. Those data files can be imported, modified, exported and retrieved through the newly developed Object Management Panel in the PHOENICS graphical user interface, VR-Editor, as shown below.


POB files can be created using either Shapemaker or VR-Editor. The Shapemaker program has been smoothly integrated into VR-Editor in PHOENICS 3.6 (see Chapter 7).

For PHOENICS 3.6, especially for FLAIR, the following HVAC model objects in the POB format were created,

The VR-Editor can also import or export assemblies of objects in a single POB file. The information stored in a POB file may include:

Click here to see a list of a cabinet assembly pob file which contains a master object B1 and three components B2, B3, and B4.

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